murder me a poet
skalathamus c // 20 // indiana

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the smashing pumpkins // 1979

mellon collie and the infinite sadness

i was listening to this all the time early summer when i was so into the sunsets and driving around. life seemed so directionless. it’s not so much now. 

this is one of the songs that’s become embedded in the memory of this summer

Posted on Monday, July 1
life’s a bitch

i woke up early on my born day i’m 20 it’s a blessing

the essence of adolescence leaves my body now im fresh

and my physical frame is celebrated cause i made it

one quarter through life some godly-like thing created

got rhymes 365 days annual plus some

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the virgins // travel express (from me)

fucking listen to this song u pussy

Posted on Thursday, July 4